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Spring Data REST takes an opinionated approach to exposing Spring Data repositories via REST endpoints, covering the 80-90% use case with a minimum of code and fuss. But did you know that it provides a no-lifting-required mechanism for exposing query methods you define on those repositories as well?


Let’s say you create a method like this:



Referencing that bit of functionality directly is simple, just append /search/<methodName> to the collection endpoint:




For more information, click here to view the Spring Data REST docs. Keep coding/keep sharing!




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I’ve only been working with Pivotal Cloud Foundry since September 2015, but I’ve learned a great deal about it since then. I also realize there is much (much much) more to learn! The world doesn’t stand still, after all, and there are many stones I’ve yet to turn.


Sometimes I revisit something small-but-useful that I discovered long ago that I didn’t take the time to share at the time. I intend to be better about that, beginning now. If this is something you use frequently, please disregard; if there is something you use in lieu of this tip or any other, please share. 😉


Anyway, many times when deploying an application to Cloud Foundry, you will want to generate a unique URL to avoid “collisions”, i.e. attempting to reuse an in-use URL. In the past, you would insert a ${random-word} Expression Language, er, expression to do this, but at some point, the preferred approach changed. To accomplish this now, simply add random-route: true to your application’s manifest.yml file. It should look something like this:



This directs Cloud Foundry to generate a couple of words randomly and append them to your application name with hyphens, resulting in a URL that looks something like https://example-app-saprophagous-unkindliness.cfapps.io.


You can also use the command line option –random-route.


For more information, please refer to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry docs.


Hope this helps,


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